What is Data Capturing?
Data Capturing involves the transforming of written or typed data from hard copies to computerized media. This captured data can be presented to the client on virtually any storage medium, including stiffies, compact disc, or by using e-mail, direct data communication, dial-up connection and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
The Format of the Data
Some practitioners in the IT field claim that off-line data capturing cannot be used to the advantage of organizations using modern technology today. They argue that the data capturing is old-fashioned and that the files created are not compatible with the latest database software.
This is indeed a misconception. Datanet can present the captured data in a large variety of formats. These formats include:
  1. Flat ASCII files (Text)
  2. Comma delimited files
  3. Microsoft Access files
  4. Microsoft Excel files
  5. Multi punching
  6. SPSS
Datanet can supply the data in a format that can be incorporated into any modern system. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the data format.
Why use off-line data capturing?
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Speed Capturing of up to 25 000 key depressions per hour!
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Offline data capturing has the following advantages:
1. Accuracy.
All data is entered and verified ensuring an error rate of below 0.04%.
2. Processing speed.
With the availability of more than 50 experienced operators, we guarantee an excellent processing speed. From receiving the printed data to delivering the final product. (See embedded movie clip...)
3. Cost.
Our data capturing prices are highly competitive. We have proved over the years that we are able to capture data for less that it would cost to do it in-house. The cost of a particular project can vary depending on the complexity of the input form, the volume, as well as the project period. (For more information on costs, please Click Here.) (You will not leave this page.)
4. Expertise.
Our operators are operational on a full time basis, eight hours daily, five days a week. They are trained and motivated to give you the service you deserve.
5. Outsourcing.
Many organizations experience difficulties justifying additional staff to perform in-house functions. By outsourcing these functions, you have access to experts in the field, and do not have to be concerned about all the administration involved in additional recruitment.
If you require more information, or have any other queries, please Click Here to contact our offices.